Grooming Packages

Dog grooming packages are available by appointment only. 

Nails, ears and teeth are available as walk in's during our regular hours.

Dog Grooming Packages

Bath & Tidy

Bath, light brushing, trimming of eyes, paws, and sanitary, nail trimming, & ear cleaning.

Zoom Groom Special

Bath, brush, haircut, nail trimming, & ear cleaning.

Shed Less Package

Bath, heavy brushing (before, during, and after bath), trimming of furnishings, nail trimming, & ear cleaning.

Puppy Package

Bath, light brushing, trimming of eyes, paws, and sanitary, nail trimming, & ear cleaning.

Hand Stripping

For terriers and terrier mixes to keep their skin and coat in it's healthiest condition.

Creative Grooming

Wheather extreme, or just a touch, we have the ability to make your dream a reality.

Nails , Ears & Teeth

Nail Clipping & Filing

We will clip & file your pets' nails to ensure we get them as short as can be! 


Wiping ears free of any debris, & plucking ear hair if desired.

Teeth Brushing

Teeth brushing is essential to your pets health. We use a pet safe tooth paste that breaks down tartar. We finish off with a dental spray.