"We have used them several times now and have been very pleased with the outcome. we have two Westies who can be a little problematic and a little bit messy. But they have done a wonderful job with them and their issues. we find that thier shop is very peaceful and they handle the dogs very gently, and well, its a very calm place to bring your dog and the haircuts are beautiful."

Gerald S. February 11, 2015 via yelp

"I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised when I went to pick up my puppy Crosby after his groom at Zoom Groom. Crosby is a full size goldendoodle that has almost no visable traits of your typical goldedoodle. Crosby has pretty wild hair and alsmost two different types of hair. When I dropped him off he was very excited and the ladies handled that very well. The ladies at Zoom Groom also talked to me before they groomed him and explained some things about Crosby's coat. I really apprciated this information. I left Crosby, knowing full well Zoom Groom is a no kennel facility and I would need to pick him up when the call came he was finished.

When I saw Crosby after his groom I could not beleive how beautufl he looked. His coat was cut perfectly and you can tell that the groomer definitely knew what they were doing. I still cannot get over how great he looks.

I will definitely be taking Crosby back in the future when he is in need of a groom. I would also happily recommend  Zoom Groom to anyone looking for a professional place to take your pet!!"
Kari C. June 5, 2014 via yelp

"Zoom Groom did a fabulous job grooming my Maltese  who happens  to have a coat to the floor and she likes to go for walks so it was time  to get it shortened.  I explained how I wanted her clipped and they did a great job.  Little Miss Bella can have an attitude when being groomed and they had absolutely no problems.  I did my homework by reading their website as to their policies, etc. before making the appointment and asking the right questions when I dropped her off.   I like that they groomed my dog and called me when I could pick her up.   I do not like to leave my dog all day when getting groomed as it's much too stressful for her.   I'll be retuning for sure.  Happy Maltese and owner!"

Linda B. September 10, 2014 via yelp

"I have only one visit under my belt with ZG, but I was very satisfied. It was explained to me and I did read the notice that they are cage-free and require pickup and dropoff on their schedule.

OK then.

We did as we should and were very happy with the results, especially at the price charged. Our dog was a pup and it was her first experience so it was probably a little stressful for everyone, but it came out great. Big tip, return customer."

Colin M. September 28, 2014 via. yelp

"I am very, very surprised to read the other review on Zoom Groom.  I never take stock in reviewers with only one review on Yelp anyway, but still. I have been taking my mini-doodle Shelby to Zoom Groom since she was just four months old and we absolutely LOVE Anna and the staff. They offer puppy baths for dogs to get them socialized to the grooming process and it was very helpful for our dog. She has absolutely no issues being groomed, brushed or handled because of the great job Anna did with her as a puppy.

Doodles, from what I hear from other doodle moms, can be challenging to groom properly (technique-wise), and I have seen a lot of photos of horribly groomed doodles. Anna knows exactly what she is doing with Shelby, and she always comes out looking like a doodle and not a poodle (other doodle owners will know what I mean!). Shelby loves going to see Anna, is never anxious when we walk in, and is always super happy and smiling (yes, smiling) when I pick her up. I have found them to be very flexible and accommodating as well.  Their pricing is extremely fair and competitive, and the quality of the services can't be beat.  Anna also goes that extra step and hand-makes little hair bows for the pups after their groom/bath - they are so cute!

Seriously, I think the previous review must have been a misunderstanding, a competitor, or a dog that has never been properly socialized to being groomed professionally before.  I have recommended ZoomGroom to all of my puppy-mom friends, and our doggie daycare recommends them as well!!

If you are looking for a groomer, please ignore the 1 star review (sketchy as it is with no photo, profile or a single other review by the writer) and check out Anna and the great staff at Zoom Groom for yourself. They love what they do and love my pup too!"

Jenn K. April 9, 2014 via. yelp

"Best prices, Best service, So friendly.
They get excited about every dog they groom, which is fantastic.
I will NEVER take Kita anywhere else ever again."

Diana Hannah, August 13, 2012 via. yelp


"I have brought several foster dogs to Zoom Groom. Rescue dogs present a problem, as they are so nervous but both Linda and Anna are wonderful with them. I cannot recommend Zoom Groom highly enough."

Michele S. August 13, 2012 via. yelp


"It can be difficult to find places that will take cats for grooming. I was thrilled to find a place that not only takes cats and keeps a relatively flexible schedule, but remembers him specifically and what he likes/doesn't like. Anna and Linda make him more comfortable than anywhere I've ever taken him! I think it's so helpful that Linda and Anna work together to ensure they get him through as efficiently as possible. Sammy and I both love his lion cut and he gets sooooo many compliments. Zoom Groom is the only place I will take my cat for grooming."

Sarah M. August 14, 2012 via, yelp


"I have a little Pomeranian and have had a hard time finding a place that can cut his hair just right. The look is over. Zoom Groom did a wonderful job. He looks gorgeous and he knows it ! Thanks so much !!"

Michelle W. August 14, 2012 via. yelp


"these 2 are great with the dogs very kind and patient
great groom on the dogs top notch all the way"

Memphis R. August 13, 2012 via. yelp


"I first discovered Zoom Groom through a dog rescue whom I fostered for. My foster dog at the time was in dire need of some grooming TLC and Linda and Anna offered to give Peaches the care she needed and deserved. They were patient, kind, and loving in their care and Peaches held her head up high as we left the shop. I was impressed with the quality of work and their generous hearts for the animals. I have since been taking my personal dogs to be groomed every 6-8 weeks. I have taken my dogs to several different groomers and have found Linda and Anna to be the best. I drive 45 minutes to see them and its worth every minute of it. My dogs love going and getting pampered and I know your dogs will too!"

Jenn W. August 13, 2012 via. yelp


"I have never in 30 adult years of pet ownership ever met two people more patient and loving with animals. They take a huge amount of time and effort to make sure each animal feels comfortable and safe. The dogs look beautiful when they are done and they have been treated with lots of TLC! I recommend them enthusiastically!"

Pam S. August 13, 2012 via. yelp


"I took my three dogs to many other grooming places before finding Zoom Groom. I can't imagine using any of them now. I love that there are no cages here -- they take care of one dog at a time from start to finish. Two of my dogs don't do well in kennels, so that is a big bonus. One of my dogs is very nervous about having his face groomed. He has bitten Linda and Anna before, but despite this, they are very patient with him. In fact, they have agreed to see him more often to try to reduce his anxiety about being groomed. Finally, my dogs look and smell great at the end of each grooming -- what more can you ask for?"

Colette R. August 13, 2012 via. yelp


"Our Springer Spaniel Ellie had never successfully had a full grooming. Still only a year and a half old, she was fidgety and bitey with anyone who got near her ears or rear end with a brush or clippers. Anna and Linda were very helpful and positive. They got down on the floor to meet Ellie and made her and us feel comfortable. Given the challenging nature of our dog, the $70 seemed perfectly reasonable to us. Ellie looks great too, and they even kept her mohawk intact (something noticed immediately by our sons). We would definitely use Anna and Linda again."

Bill and Ann Glaves, September 17, 2012 via. Angie's List


"Outstanding! They were so kind and gentle and did a thorough job. Our dog looked wonderful afterwards and it was a pleasant experience for dog and owner. They work inside Ruff House, an indoor dog park. They let me stay with our dog the whole time. They never "kennel" or cage, as they only work on 1 dog at a time. I scored a "B" for responsiveness because I was unable to contact them via phone. I did leave a voice mail but did not get a call back. I then got through via email to schedule an appointment."

Susan Holeman, Feburary 7, 2012 via. Anige's List


"I met the groomers, Linda and Anna(mother and daughter) at the Ruff House indoor dog park where they are located. I was
impressed with the fact that they only do one dog at a time, by appointment, so no sitting in a kennel waiting for his turn. Also
with two people working on him, my dog Rocky gets lots of attention, and he likes LOTS of attention! They did a great job at
a very reasonable price and Rocky is in love! They will be our groomers from now on."

Linda Petersen, November 4, 2011 via. Angie's List


 "I was apprehensive about taking our puppy for her first groom. She looked scruffy but cute and I was afraid of what she might end up looking like! She came out looking cuter than ever! Some groomers just don't seem to have a good sense of what is cute, but you guys really know how to create cute dogs! I feel so lucky to have found you! And Clementine is happy, too! She is a rescue and doesn't do well with kennels and your no-kennel facility is perfect for her! You took wonderful care of her and made her grooming experience a good one! Thank you!"

Tanya Laumbach, November 12, 2011


"Before meeting these wonderful women, I had tried other groomers with awful results. Isso's first puppy groom was so bad she smelled worse leaving then when she arrived. Her second groom was by petsmart. They did an ok job, but I did not like how they handled her, the cage dryers, or the $75.00 price tag for a seven-pound dog. Both places would make me drop her off and leave. I was like a nervous mother and did not like this one bit. Linda and Anna have been grooming my Isabelle for over two years. Linda and Anna are nothing like other groomer, they genuinely care about their clients, both two legged and four legged ones. They take pride in thier "office" in that it is always clean, hygienic, and never smells. They feel the same way about cage dryers as I do. BAD! Linda and Anna are gentle and caring. It is reassuring that I can sit with my furbaby during the session (however, I think Isabella does better without the distraction of her Mommy). Another great thing is Linda and Anna with show you how to do touch ups to maintain the haircut between scheduled grooms. Yes, they have laughed at some of my attempted "touch-ups"- My skills are not as good as theirs. I love the flexible hours. I am not a planner and will usually call the day before or the day of, and they have always been able to fit me in on such short notice. We recently adopted another doggy named Eleanor. Linda and Anna are the only groomers she will ever know. (I think Anna wanted to keep her). Linda and Anna, I am so glad I met you. You are amazing women. My girls love you! ~Isabelle, Maltese/Pomeranian, 2yrs 9 month. ~Eleanor, Cocker Spaniel /Cavalier, 1yr 2 months."

Nicole, September 24, 2011