Linda Olson- Owner/ Stylist

   Linda has been grooming for 25+ years

Linda specializes in senior dogs, special needs dogs, and teacup sized dogs.

Linda oversees the salon as a whole, she makes sure everything is running smoothly throughout the day, and that each client and their pet leaves the salon feeling happy and valued.

Anna Olson- Owner/ Stylist

    Anna has been grooming for 9 years

Anna specializes in hand scissoring, AKC breed standard grooming, patterns, handstripping, mixed breed styles, shedless packages, and large breeds such as standard poodles and goldendoodles.

Anna is very motivated to continue her education, attend seminars, and attends shows to stay up to date on all the latest techniques and styles.

Melissa Foline- Stylist

    Melissa has been grooming for 4 years

Melissa specializes in shedless packages, senior dogs, mixed breed styles, and patterns.  

Melissa has been apprenticing under Anna and Linda to further her skills and learn different techniques.

Sophie Rygh-Wallin- Stylist

    Sophie has been grooming for 4 years

Sophie specializes in hand scissoring, mixed breed styles, and doodles!

Sophie is very motivated to continue her education as well, she attends seminars, shows, and expos to stay up to date on all the latest techniques and styles.

Kristine- Stylist

    Kristine has been grooming for 8 years 

Kristine is proficient in all breeds and sizes. Kristine has managed a couple of local salons and has lots of experience in the field. Kristine strives to have every pet walking out, looking and feeling their best!


    Our goal for Zoom Groom is to create a low stress environment for clients, and their pets along with a high quality grooming experience . We have always believed in quality customer service, and we always have the best interest of the pet in mind. We ensure that all of our stylists are highly qualified, skilled professionals, who are passionate about what they do.